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Welcome to Broadway Dance Studio

             We cater for all levels from Beginners through Advanced


Tuition Costs & Terms

Please arrive 10 minutes early on the first night of term to complete enrolment before class starts.

8 Week Term of 1 Hour Classes

Beginners $165 per student
Intermediate I $165 per student
Intermediate II $165 per student

Bookings essential

Private Groups of 1 Hour Classes

Group of 4-6 $240 per term per student
Group of 8 $240 per term per student
Group of 10 $240 per term per student

Private Lessons

Adults $88/45 min

Bridal Waltz: Private Lessons

We have special bridal lessons / private lessons.
Three 45 minute lessons for $250 (one couple only),
Four 45 minute lessons for $320.

If you need to cancel your Private, Advanced Group or Bridal lesson, 24 hours notice must be given, otherwise the fees must be paid.

Please choose carefully as there are no refunds.

All teachers are qualified professionals with extensive competition experience.

The Management reserves the right to refuse entry.

Missed Lessons / Make-up Lessons

All Group Classes are purchased in terms of eight (8) consecutive weekly lessons.

Each term follows a structured teaching program, with the skills taught & learnt in any one lesson, building on the skills taught & learnt in the preceding lesson. Please make every effort to attend all lessons in a term.

Please choose carefully as refunds or credit are not given for missed lessons.

In the event circumstances prevent you from attending any given lesson, please send a text message in advance of missing that lesson, to 0414 987 417, advising your name & which lesson you will be missing. This helps our teachers prepare for their lessons.

As a bonus, however, the Studio provides the following no-cost ways for you to make up a missed lesson (just bring your receipt along for processing):

  1. You may attend an alternative group class of the same skill level on another day of the week during the same term, at the Studio’s other location,

  2. You may attend the once-a-term special Salsa class, taught exclusively at the Neutral Bay studio, during the same term, or

  3. If you have already enrolled & paid in full for the next term, you can also make up any missed lesson during that next term in the above same 2 ways.

Advanced / Intermediate Students only

Experienced (i.e. Advanced / Intermediate level) students who know in advance they will be absent for 3 or more consecutive lessons (e.g. away on holidays or work-related travel) may, by making prior arrangements with the Studio Manager, pay for only the weeks they will be attending class. Ph: 9460 0321if this applies to you..

Public Holidays

All scheduled lessons normally continue uninterrupted, including on Public Holidays. Discretion, however, is always held by the Studio in the very rare event a night of classes may need to be cancelled.




Broadway Dance Studio (02) 9460 0321 or 0414 987 417
ABN 34440842915


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